Army Motors

Army Motors was the forerunner of PS Magazine, the Army's publication on preventive maintenance and care of military vehicles, which is published monthly and contains plenty of tips and tricks.

Army Motors Format

The issues of Army Motors magazine were originally black and white and came in 8" x 10.5 " format. In July 1944, the format of the magazine changed to 6" x 8" and continued in this smaller size, along with the larger 8" x 10.5" format until 1945. PS Magazine, the successor to Army Motors, was introduced in 1951 and printed in 5" x 7" format. Today's PS Magazine is still published in the same size. Unlike Army Motors, PS Magazine includes maintenance information for all sorts of equipment, such as weapons, tents, and other kit, not just information on vehicles.

Army Motors Facts

  • Only 400 copies of the very first "Army Motors" were ever produced.
  • Color front covers were introduced in March 1941.
  • The first cartoon centerfold appeared in the March 1944 edition.
  • Most issues of "Army Motors" have 36 pages.
  • Most issues in 1940 and 1941 focused on new vehicles and driver training, not maintenance.

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